The wellness professionals 💥

As a professional, you are on a mission to make a positive impact on other people and the planet with your message. Your passion is to inspire others to be happier, more fulfilled, and empowered. You help clients become the best version of themselves.

The conscious experts 🔮

You are supporting your audience with your talent and expertise. You may be a coach, or mentor helping fellow entrepreneurs. You are looking to educate, inspire and motivate your audience with their unique business gift.

What our students have to say 💬

“I loved the 4-week social media accelerator. The weekly training and check-ins were concise and the chance to brainstorm with others in the same boat really helped me to look at how I could do things differently. Overall, a very positive experience. Thank you Fab & Creative Impact, another great course!”

Sonal, Nutrition & Wellness coach

Creative Impact bundles 📚

You’ll find everything you need to learn a new skill as we crafted the experience to maximise your learning potential in a very short time. From our welcome video all the way through our final action steps, you will be able to apply our teachings in a fun, engaging and effective way. 🧨️

We’ve collated workshops, roundtables and content into distinct topical bundles – giving you the chance to access top-level information and guidance at reduced rates 🔮

Coaching packages

Tailored 1:1 solutions to help you succeed by creating brand identities, digital experiences, and marketing strategies that help you grow a sustainable and impactful brand

About your coach

Say hello to our founder, Fab. Fab Giovanetti is an award-winning marketing consultant, writer and published author. Her mission is to help people grow their online audience and monetise their content and unleash their potentials as creatives. Over the past 10 years, she supported startups, individuals, and big wellness companies alike with their marketing, content and digital products.

Through Creative Impact, we have already supported over 5,000 course students, held an awards ceremony celebrating our members for 5 years, brought 1,000 people together through our UK events. Fab created Creative Impact to teach others how she’s done it and how they can do it too 🥑

What our students have to say 💬

“I discovered the Creative Impact online courses and made time to get through a small chunk of content every day after dinner. I can’t highlight enough how enjoyable the courses were and how ideally crafted for someone to go through remotely in their own time. Fab has a knack for presenting content in a helpful, structured, easily digestible way. Thank you Fab and team Creative Impact! Keep the courses coming!“

Stella, founder and retreat host

“I've really found the PR bundle so so helpful - I'm making my way through it still (slowly but surely) and can see the power in what I've been doing. I've already seen increases in my following from doing the work!”

Camilla, Personal Trainer