Let's be honest, in an ideal world we'd all be always in the loop with what's been going on in the ol' social world. However, it's not always possible. In today's round-up we look at some very exciting developments and changes in the social sphere, and what you need to know.

5 2018 Social Media Trends According to Hootsuite

Extract from the article

No. 3: Trust is declining while peer influencers are rising: people trust 'real customers’ / ‘people like me’

Public trust in CEO’s & government officials is at an all time low in 17 countries. With old institutions failing, peers are trusting each other (vertically rather than up). People most likely to be trusted when it comes to creating trust in brands, Peers / "People like me" and employees: internal brand culture is key.

Brands must create REAL communities: Apple were late to the game with Instagram but when they started using it, their #ShotOniPhone campaign was used to blur the lines between customer advocacy and advertising. Chewy.com are swapping free orders for reviews (even if they’re not positive reviews) because they know the value of this customer feedback

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Giphy builds transparent GIF library for Instagram Stories

Joyful Instagram news: native GIFS are coming, ladies and gentlemen! Giphy worked with Instagram to create a special search engine for a library of GIFs designed to be overlaid over photos and videos rather than being shared by themselves. The backgrounds and transparent bits of these GIFs have been cut out so they mesh into your imagery.

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How To Turn Your Instagram Into Cash Money (Without Selling Your Soul)

Interview from GirlBoss.

Interesting insights from Candice Kumai on how to kick-start your Instagram strategy AND feel good about it.

It’s official. Instagram is the platform in which we are all addicts. Brands are paying major money to those who know what they are doing on their smartphones. Essentially, IG is a free marketing platform, open to literally anyone.

It's nice to hear a buddy perceptive on the matter, and hopefully it will inspire some of you out there!

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