This bundle will guide you through the first key steps of crafting your very own book, especially in the age of social media. It's designed to guide you through the key steps to gain clarity, consistency, save time and refine your book idea.

This bundle is great for people looking to produce a book they’re willing to sell to their audience.

If you are looking to get more clarity about the publishing industry, as well as the self-publishing world, and validate your book idea, this bundle will support you with reaching the key steps to turn your idea into reality.

What is included

  • 10-page workbook to map your book outline, validate your idea and refine your launch process
  • 4 Panels & Conversations

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Q&A: Become a Published Author with Andrea Jasmin

Andrea Jasmin the owner of editorial services company, A.C. Jasmin Proofreading in Charlotte, NC, where she helps people complete their books with coaching, as their copy editor, or as their final look as a professional proofreader. When she’s not nose-deep in words, with a cup of tea in hand, she’s pretending to be a chef for her family or the kind of yogi that practices daily.

Panel: How to Get Your Recipes Onto the Bookshelf with Bettina Campolucci, author of Happy Food, Sara Kiyo Popowa author of Bento Power, Sasha Gill, author of Jackfruit and Blue Ginger, and Kate Pollard, Publishing Director at Hardie Grant

What does it take to get a cookbook deal? This talk will follow the stories of successful cookbook authors - whose books are a staple on coffee tables around the world - shining a light on the process of recipe development and publishing.

Q&A: Understanding Self-Publishing with the Kindlepreneur

Learn from Dave Chesson how to become a bestselling author and market your ebook like a professional. Free guides, lessons and case studies on how to build your author brand.

Panel: How to Turn Your Book into an Amazon Bestseller with Toni Jones, Founder of Shelf Help, Kamran Bedi author of Your Mind is Your Home, and Fab Giovanetti, Founder of the Creative Impact and author of Make An Impact.

Most influencers want to publish a book, but what does it take to turn your writing into a no.1 Amazon bestseller? Join us on a journey from book pitch to bookshelves. We discuss how authors engage with their audiences as well as publications to get their books to the top.


Book Launch workbook + digital launch strategy

This workbook includes exercises to help you refine your book idea and audience, as well as better understand the key steps for a successful book launch.

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How long can I access my bundle for?

What about forever? You'll have lifetime access to the bundle via your very own login and in your "My courses" section. You can streams the videos and download all of your resources via the link.

Refund policy

There are no refunds for this bundle, and this is why:

  • Due to the digital nature of the content and downloadable templates, we DO NOT offer refunds under any circumstances.
  • We want you to be able to take your time to go through the course and implement it without rushing through its panels.
  • We want you to be so excited about this bundle, you’ll be cartwheeling in your living room - invest in this course ONLY if you are truly committed to doing the work we’ll be asking you to do (yes there will be homework).